ASP.NET code 39 Generator

ASP.NET code 39 Generator is famous for the management of the information. The automatic processing of the information of the ASP.NET Code 39 can be regarded as one of the great development of the civilization. ASP.NET Code 39 is used in the library to take account for the borrowers of the books. ASP.NET Code 39 is generated on a consisted manner and then printed on the licenses of the borrowers' book-borrowing card.

The ASP.NET Code 39 will encode the personal information of the borrower. When they borrow a book from the library, the information about the book will be added to the barcode. By scanning the borrower's card the information about the borrower will display on the screen. By scanning the ASP.NET Code 39 on the book, the information of the book will be added to the borrowing list of the borrowers. The application of the ASP.NET Code 39 into the management of the readers and books in the library will save the work staff a lot of time. The automatic processing of the ASP.NET Code 39 will decrease the errors that might appear in the process of the manual process of the books and the readers.

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