ASP.NET PDF 417 Generator

ASP.NET PDF 417 Generator is recently used in the management of the traffic management. The policeman will scan the ASP.NET PDF-417 on the car glass and then a fine will be generated to ask for you to pay for. The writing and generation of the fine will be finished in a very short time. The policeman will go directly to the next one who has failed to obey the traffic rule.

This policy is a piece of good news for the policeman who used to spent a lot of time to write the fine one by one through taking down the car number and some other information of the driver. The application of the in the ASP.NET PDF-417 management of the traffic situation increase the efficiency of the work staff, in addition, the road will be jammed by those cars who wait to be fined. The use of the ASP.NET PDF-417 reader can recognize the annual inspection label and your driving license by scanning the ASP.NET PDF-417. Hence all your information of violation the traffic rules can be automatically input into the computer and then can be searched by the relevant authorities by scanning the ASP.NET PDF-417.

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