.NET QR code Generator

.NET QR code Generator written by the .NET is widely used in our work to make our life more convenient. The encoding capability of the .NET QR-Code makes the .NET QR-Code a good tool to make advertisement for the products. The newly use of the .NET QR-Code is to advertise for some personal website which are new and interested to most of the users and observers.

The .NET QR-Code mentioned here is to encode the information about the website, such as the link to the website. The generation and printing of the .NET QR-Code makes the .NET QR-Code very popular in propaganda. With the widen of the use of the .NET QR-Code, you will find the .NET QR-Code can fulfill the duty of advertise your website in a very easy and convenient way. The information encoded in the .NET QR-Code can offer the scanner of the .NET QR-Code a link to the website. With the photoing of the .NET QR-Code, the visit of the website will be achieved.

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